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From small and large-scale storage of medical imaging data to data transfer and database quality control, our comprehensive services assure security and integrity while allowing controlled access when you need it. 

Managing large data sets from multiple sites over many time points can be an arduous task.  We have tools and services to help standardize a database so the data remains uniform and useable, ensuring integrity across each of your studies. CIPAC is connected to the Canarie ultra-high-speed backbone network that links academic and research institutions in Canada with counterpart networks through the world. This connection allows for the most secure and fastest data transfer capability available. We will aggregate your study data in one of our storage solutions comprised of state-of-the-art technology with replication and redundancy checks built in.

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A core group of dedicated analysis workstations have been established to perform image processing on study sets networked to CIPAC. These workstations are setup; configured and supported by CIPAC personnel on site, relieving research teams of the complications encountered when trying to source, purchase and maintain their own infrastructure.

CIPAC connects you to flexible image analysis solutions. Personnel to perform core lab analysis can either be brought in by each research team, or can be sourced by CIPAC. We have established pathways to find, recruit and employ qualified personnel, capable of handling data of any size. We are also connected to the WestGrid supercomputing network, allowing even the most computationally-intensive analysis and processing to be accomplished. CIPAC infrastructure assures secure access to your data through centrally managed authentication and on-site support. 

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Quantitative analysis of imaging data is becoming increasingly important in clinical research trials to translate developments into more effective therapies and provide biomarkers of clinical efficacy. CIPAC has a team dedicated to developing custom applications that best fit the processing needs of different research projects and clinical trials.

Traceability and reproducibility of image analysis are key elements of an effective study and mandatory in the design of any tool built at CIPAC. The development team focuses on designing and implementing tools that allow extraction of key image features, robust and reliable quantitative analysis, and cross-sectional (3D) interactive image visualization and analysis.   

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