Our full suite of data management services.



Study and Trial Setup Transfer Solutions Storage

At CIPAC, we work together with you to refine the requirements of your study and discover the most suitable management solution. From there we create databases, file structures, local groups and user accounts. We will also contact external sites to set up their user accounts and test the data flow from the source, through our servers to its final storage destination.

CIPAC supports two data transfer pipelines to ensure image data is correctly aggregated for your study; via web-based uploading (WebPAX) or secure file transfer (sFTP). We will manage user accounts  and grant appropriate permissions to comply with the requirements of your study. Download and data curation services make creating your database simple.

CIPAC offers scalable data storage, from small local studies to large-scale international randomized-controlled trials. As we aggregate a large amount of data from multiple studies, we can extend a cost-recovery rate to each researcher that reflects this volume discount. You only pay for the space that you use.

Data Security Database Sharing Database Quality Assurance

Our hardware redundancies ensure that once you entrust your data to CIPAC, it will be here when you need it. We meet the highest standards in data protection and guard against potential disaster with physically separated servers and redundant storage arrays. 

Through CIPAC's hands-on support, secure user accounts are created that allow permissioned access to your databases. Data can be shared in real-time with permissioned team members from around the world. Connection to the Canarie network ensures the most secure high speed data sharing with your colleagues and collaborators. 

Effective collection and organization of large amounts of data can be an arduous task. No matter what stage your study is in, we offer database cleanup services that make sure all of your hard work can be analyzed appropriately, making each study count.