Our origins and direction.





The Calgary Image Processing and Analysis Centre (CIPAC) was born out of the efforts of a national medical imaging research network, the Canadian Atheroscloerosis Imaging Network (CAIN). CAIN is a pan-Canadian imaging network funded through grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). CAIN brought together medical imaging researchers and experts to work toward the goal of creating a unique national collaboration focused on the understanding of the pathophysiology and biology of atherosclerotic disease as it pertains to the coronary and carotid circulations. 

The Centre currently operates as a not-for-profit entity with state-of-the-art computing technology and biomedical and imaging processing expertise to support medical imaging research and clinical trials. CIPAC hosts and manages data for more than twenty studies on six servers with 100 TB storage in RAID60, with more added to that number regularly. We are sited within the University of Calgary on the Foothills Medical Centre campus of Alberta Health Services.